Helpdesq Charges and Information

We aim to provide the Best Value support so our charges are structured to encourage longer visits and discourage numerous short ones, which are not cost effective for us or you. To accommodate short visits though (and parking charges etc) we have a simple flat travel fee of £29, which is waived for visits of over 3 hours duration.

Much of our work is now carried out remotely using sophisticated support tools, which is more cost effective and achieves much quicker results. We simply charge for the support time given plus a small fee if we use our Remote Rescue software.

Value means different things to different people and situations so please select the type of service you require from the table below or call us to agree something special. You can save 10% by pre-purchasing support time or paying a fixed monthly amount. You do not pay for any time that you don’t use.

Our Charges

Services Response Time 30 Day Account Pre Purchased Time London Notes
Budget Response within 5 working
days (normally 1-3 days)
£55 per hour £50 per hour +£10ph Visits under 3 hrs add £29 (£39 London) call out
Standard Within 72 hours (normally
same or next day)
£65 per hour £60 per hour +£10ph Visits under 3 hrs add £29 (£39 London) call out
Premium Same day or at a pre-determined time £75 per hour £70 per hour +£10ph Visits under 3 hrs add £29 (£39 London) call out
Business Critical Immediate /within 4 hours or
outside of office hours
£85 per hour £80 per hour +£10ph Calls under 3 hrs add £39 call out
Telephone Support (5 minute blocks) First 5 minutes free, then standard service
Standard Mileage Rate (for visits over 35 miles) 40p per mile
Fixed Price Repairs/Support and No fix no fee By quotation
Remote 24/7 Advanced Server Monitoring Approx £25 per month
Rescue remote connection (reduces callouts) £10 per session (plus time taken)
Manual monthly checks Approx £25 per month

If you have any questions or a support request please visit our contact us page.